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=AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up Empty =AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up

Post by Hole_AE on Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:12 pm

Here's the link to the First Round schedule. Sign-ups are technically complete, but we can use 2 more players to replace the ones who dropped.


Hello, welcome to 32 player 1v1 elimination matchup tournament.

The tournament will consist of 2 main parts: World cup style elimination round and 32 player single elimination tournament.  Every 1v1 will go up to 10 and no match up point will be required.  How to sign up, how it works, and rules will be further explained below.  Please read this thread before randomly signing up.

When we reach 32 players, we will release the first elimination matchups first, and when that is completed, we will release the 32 player elimination bracket.

Signing up:

To sign up for the tournament, please fill out the following in the comment section:
1. Your AQW account username that you will be participating on. (Char page URL would be awesome)
2. Your timezone (To assign you with players in the same/similar timezone)
3. What time you usually get on and log off. (More infos = more helpful)

*Notice: We want to move this tournament smoothly in a fast-paced way.  If you know you are not going to be active for the duration of the tournament, do NOT sign up.  3 days of inactiveness without prior notice will result in an automatic disqualification.  Even if you notify the reason of your inactiveness, if we see that you are going inactive too often/long, we will have to replace you with another person.*

How it works:

There are 2 main parts in this tournament: World cup style elimination round, and 32 player single elimination matchup.

World cup style elimination round:

The competition will be divided into 8 groups of 4 players.  Each group will be divided by skill range, timezones, and times that you are usually on.  This is where time informations play a crucial part, so please be accurate as possible.

In each group, you will 1v1 each members of your group once.  You will have total of 3 1v1's in this round, and you will be ranked based on your performance in each 1v1s.  The score will be based on how many kills you got from each match.  For example, Player A vs Player B's score was 10-5.  Player A will receive 10 points and Player B will receive 5 points for that match.

After the 1v1s have been completed in this round, we will tally up the scores, and the seeds for the next tourney will be decided by the scores and kill differentials (Kills you made - Kills you allowed)

32 player single elimination tournament:

After the first elimination round is over, 32 player single elimination tournament will start.  By the time the first round is over, the tournament brackets will be released.

The brackets will be filled out based on March Madness method.  This is a method where 1st seed battles the 32nd seed, 2nd seed vs 31st seed, 3rd seed vs 30th seed, etc., occurs.  It is commonly known as the fairest bracket method.

After the first elimination round, we will rank you based on your performances in the first elimination round.  Higher your score is: higher your seed.  If there's a tie in scores, kill differential points will determine who has the higher seed.  Again, higher the kill differential score = Better.

After we sort you in to the brackets, the regular 32 player tournament will begin.  This is a single elimination matchup, which means if you lose in this round, you are out of the competition.  

*For final round only: Final round will consist of 3 matchups.  Whoever wins 2 matchups first wins the final round.  All the matchups in the final round will use different class lineups.*


1. Classes allowed in the tournament are the following:
Beast Warrior
Classic Paladin
No Class
Pumpkin Lord
Troubador of Love
Void Highlord Tester (Warrior)
Legion DoomKnight Tester (Warrior)

*Ranger and Cardclasher has been counted out due to excessive lag it creates.*

2. No ESCing, hacking, nor glitching (DoT, Suicide points, etc.) in any point of the match whatsoever.  Person caught doing it will result in an automatic disqualification.  However, in order to prove that your opponent has been hacking, glitching, ESCing, etc., you will need to come up with an indisputable video that coherently shows that your opponent has using those in the matchup.  I highly recommend you guys record your matches for these kind of events to not happen.

3. Please use 1.5K amulets.

4. Before entering the 1v1, both players MUST accept to the class lineup.  Class changing during the match is NOT allowed.  Please don't make your opponent commit to a ridiculous class lineup.  If class changing occurs, it will result in an automatic 10-0 for the opponent.

5. Housing during a wave will result in a point for the opponent.  If you need to house for whatever reason, you will need to come to a compromise with the opponent in order to house.  If the opponent claims that you have housed for irrelevant reason, then you will need to provide a proof of your housing reason.  This is to prevent players who abuses housing abilities for their advantage.  (For example: Getting mid, getting rid of mana for Dragonlord, etc.)

6. If roofing occurs, one of the two things will happen:
- If opponent accepts the claim that you got roofed, you can come to a compromise with your opponent to house and come back and continue the wave.  If you die while getting roofed and you contact the opponent and come with a compromise to cancel the score, it will be neutralized (Work it out with your opponent)
- If opponent does NOT accept the claim, you will have to provide a coherent proof of your roofing (screenshot, recording) to counterclaim the opponent.  If the opponent does not accept your counterclaim, then either Hole or Evonex will decide upon your roofing proof.  

*If the opponent wants the room that the roof occurred in, then you must give the room before you start the wave.  If nothing is said, continue on the match normally.  For example, let's say Player A got roofed in B3 of the other side.  If the Player A wants the B3 spot back right after the roof. you must give the B3 to your opponent.  If this occurs, you must provide proof of your roofing, no matter what the opponent's response is.  This is to prevent people lying about roofing just to get advantage of the room spot.  If you want the room back but you don't have any proof of it, and you get the room back in the match, it will be up to the judge's (Hole and Evonex) decision to either decide about points, or disqualification.*

7. No use of awe enhancements, scrolls, potions, boosts, etc.

8. You are free to use NPCs in the Bludrutbrawl to regain mana and health.

9. Crossmaps and teleports are allowed.

10. Passive kills (doomstrike, paladin regeneration, etc) will not count.

11. Only 1 disconnection allowed in the ENTIRE TOURNAMENT.  This is to prevent cooldown hacks.  Make sure you have good internet before you get into the match.

12. No shenanigans.  Please be honest.

13. If you wish to spectate a match, UNLESS YOU GHOST, please stay in the safezone.  I do not care if you promise you won't attack blah blah, just stay in the safezone.  If you wish to ghost, you must ghost BEFORE players get in to the zone.  However, if any player in the match wishes any spectator to be gone, the spectator MUST leave, even if you are ghosting.  No questions asked.  Spectators must follow all the rules in the match as well (no glitching, hacking, etc.).

How to report your score:

You have 2 ways of reporting your score: Either contact HOLE IS MUTED in the game (got perma muted on Hole), or leave a message on some sort of social media.  Please be completely honest about your scores.  If a person is caught lying about the score, that person will be disqualified, no matter what the score is.  I highly recommend taking a screenshot or record the final score to prevent that from happening.  Also, if you are going to leave a message, I need to know who you are and who you PvPed, so please make sure to include those information.

Here are my contact infos:
Skype: Random_Hole (Brian)
Kik: Random_Hole (Brian)
Twitter: Hole_AE (Golden Moglin profile pic)

The winner will receive a $20 subway giftcard! Have fun and good luck! - Hole

Current sign-ups: 31/32
- The 1st Awesome (Jocker606060/Doorz) *EST, 7-9PM*
- Decreator (Zykru/Oreccon) *Central, basically anytime*
- Next (Aeon)  *Pacific, 1-4PM*
- Suplex (Unstable/Vision X) *EST, 6-9PM*
- Asox (Xara/Bradly) *EST, basically anytime*
- Cleric Shine *EST, 3PM-7AM*
- Juran (Avarice) *EST, 10PM-Midnight*
- Godisgud (Odis) *EST, 9PM-1AM*
- Aniviax (Gunlive) *Denmark, Morning times*
- Nagatoccccc *USA time, Nighttime*
- Silverback8v92 (Umar See) *UK, Nighttime*
- Pied *EST, 8PM-Midnight*
- Fiddler Man (Elegant Man) *Arabian timezone, basically anytime*
- Definition 0f Hatred *UK, 6PM-10PM on Fri/Sat*
- Guw0p (Joker) *EST, Mon-Fri: 4-6PM, Sat/Sun free*
- Pasto *Central, basically anytime*
- Name (Argen) *EST, 4-8PM*
- Ribbie35 (L0gic) *UK, 3-9PM*
- Reyx (Infez) *UK, basically anytime*
- Bigmeat *Central, 10PM-Midnight*
- Ditzy *Central, random times*
- Drawingchaos500 *EST, basically anytime*
- Forced Authority *EST, nighttime*
- Knowledge Flaka *Central, nighttime*
- Murder Princess *Central, after 3PM*
- Spirat *EST, 8-10PM*
- TheVeryKindDude *EST, 4-7PM*
- Persie *EST, contact Persie for 1v1s*
- Aurum *Germany, Anytime on weekends, 8/12 Fri*
- Subjagater *EST, basically anytime*
- Thaf (Dair) *UK, 4:30-10PM*
- Yolui *Pacific, 6:30-11PM weekdays, all day weekends*

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=AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up Empty Re: =AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up

Post by cant drink hatred on Sat Feb 25, 2017 3:54 pm

Account name - Definition of hatred
Friday/Saturday only
Personal Message me on AQW for confirmation.
Good luck to everyone participating!

cant drink hatred

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=AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up Empty Re: =AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up

Post by Guw0p on Sun Feb 26, 2017 11:54 am

Account name - Guw0p
Time zone - Eastern time zone
Sunday through Saturday, but on Mondays through Friday, I can only get on from 4:00 to 6:00 PM
Good luck to everyone.


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=AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up Empty Re: =AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up

Post by Pasto Pack on Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:43 pm

Account name - Pasto
Time Zone - Mideastern
Goodluck to all participants participating!

Pasto Pack

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=AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up Empty Re: =AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up

Post by Spirat on Wed Mar 01, 2017 5:06 am

Account name: Spirat
8PM-10pm night time
Goodluck to all participants participating!!


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=AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up Empty Re: =AQW= 32 player 1v1 tourney infos/sign-up

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